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Surf - Soft & Fresh for Less
Usage Instructions

Liquid Fabric Softener - Usage method depends on type of your washing machine:
Regular machines - add Surf™ liquid fabric softener to your washer during the final rinse cycle or use an automatic dispenser for added convenience. To avoid spotting, do not pour Surf™ directly onto clothes.
High Efficiency (HE) Machines – add Surf™ before each load to the built-in fabric softener tray, which is often placed either to the right or left of the detergent tray.
Sheet Fabric Softener - Surf™ fabric softener sheets are an easy and convenient way to add freshness, softness and reduce static cling of fabrics. Simply place one Surf™ sheet on top of wet laundry and start drying cycle as usual. Discard the used Surf™ sheet when drying is complete.
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HE - High Efficiency Surf™ fabric softeners are safe for all washing machine types.